Microbiology-Immunology-Parasitology (BIM204)

Microbiology course includes topics of morphology, classification and staining; microbial cultures; host-parasite relationship, microbial genetics, infection control, bacteriology, virology, mycology.

Parasitology course includes topics of helminthology , protozoology, immunology-immunogenetics, immunity (innate, specific), antigen, antibody.

Immunology course includes topics of principles of immunology, immunogenetics, innate immunity, specific immunity, antigen-immunogen complement, antibody, antigen-antibody interactions, immunity towards infections, hypersensitivity, immune disorder, immunoprophylaxis, immunotherapy.


Lennette EH, EH Spaulding. JP Truant Eds, 1974, Manual of clinical Microbiology, 2nd edition, American Society for microbiology, Washington DC.